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Contract Information

  • Students must enroll in a minimum of 3 New College units.  (Tuition paid to New College for these courses)
  • Students may add one online course abroad or virtual internship abroad offered by either USAC or SIT.  (Tuition paid to the provider for that course or internship)
  • Students may not take an online course in lieu of a course that will be offered at New College this fall.
  • Students must complete their Fall 2020 contract exclusive of the online course or international internship. Only New College courses will count toward Satisfactory completion of the contract.
  • The online course or virtual internship abroad will be included in the "Descriptions and Other Activities" on the student's contract.  The course or internship will appear in the SES as a transfer course and earned credit (grade "C" or higher or the equivalent) once an official transcript has been received from the provider. 
  • Students will need to receive an official transcript from the provider to transfer the credits earned for the online course abroad or virtual internship abroad back to New College, and have that experience included in their New College transcript.
  • Students must secure their advisor's approval and complete the Fall 2020 Contract: International Experience Add-On form, due in the Office of the Registrar, before they commit to the online course or virtual internship.