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How To Use This Site

This site allows you to search for programs and submit your New College off-campus study forms and documents electronically for the program you selected to participate in.

Please note that, in addition to the New College off-campus study forms and documents you submit for the program you selected on this site, program applications must be completed on the provider's website

Searching for programs
You can use either the Simple Search or Advanced Search option and enter some filters, such as city, country, or academic term, that will help you narrow down your options.

Submitting Off-Campus Study/Study Abroad forms
All students who participate in a program or internship abroad for academic credit, whether for a semester, academic year, ISP, or summer term, must submit OCS/SA forms prior to completing their experience abroad (see deadlines below).  Only one set of OCS/SA forms should be submitted per term.  

Example: If you plan to study in Shanghai with CET in the summer, use the Simple Search page and enter "Program: CET - City: Shanghai - Term: Summer."  This will take you, through a clickable link, to the CET program page for this particular program.  Click on APPLY NOW to create an OCS/SA application that will display the forms and documents you need to complete and submit electronically.

If you do not find the program that you are interested in, please contact Ciara Suarez at, for assistance.  New programs can be added to the site as needed so all students can submit the required OCS/SA forms.

Deadlines to submit OCS/SA forms:
April 1 for fall semester
May 1 for summer term
November 1 for spring semester
December 1 for ISP

Always contact Ciara Suarez, Global Education Coordinator, at, before starting a program application and before submitting your New College OCS forms and documents.