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Financial Aid

2021-2022 Off-Campus Study Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my current financial aid to pay for off-campus study?
Check the chart below to determine what financial aid can be used for your off-campus study program.

Where and when will my financial aid be sent when I am off campus?
If all of your required forms are complete and processed on time:
• Fall 2021 financial aid can be disbursed September 21, 2021.
• Spring 2022 financial aid can be disbursed March 1, 2022.
If you are paying New College, then your aid will be paid to your New College account, and any refunds will be issued by the Finance Office. If you have not setup Direct Deposit with the Finance Office, they will mail a check to the U.S. address you provide us. (If you are paying the host institution, the full amount of your aid will be mailed to the U.S. address you provide us.)

How will I receive my financial aid refund?
We encourage you to setup Direct Deposit with the Finance Office for the fastest and safest way to receive your refund. If you do not setup Direct Deposit, you must provide us with a U.S. address where you know you can safely receive your check. Please note—we cannot send financial aid checks abroad; it is your responsibility to assign someone to receive your check and send it to you, or to deposit your check for you into your bank account.

Will I be required to pay fees to my host institution before I receive my financial aid?
Yes. (That is, unless you make other arrangements directly with your host institution.)

It is your responsibility to make arrangements for payment to your host institution. The host institution may require payment before you receive all of your financial aid. Some universities do offer half payment options. Some have a deferral form that we can complete for you, to indicate the aid we expect to disburse. Contact your host institution directly for information on your payment options.

If I do not have a loan right now, can I still apply for one?
Yes. You will need a correctly completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA, the 2021-2022 version at To be eligible, you must comply with any verification paperwork if we request it.

Nearly everyone qualifies for Direct loans, regardless of income level. If you already have a correctly completed FAFSA on file, you probably already have a loan offer that you can activate quite quickly directly through NewCleis. However, if you are filing your FAFSA just now, please plan on at least 4 weeks of processing time.

Are there loans available in addition to federal student loans?
Yes, there are parent loans (PLUS) and alternative loans available. You can read about these at

Will I be able to do a New College ISP if I study off campus in the fall?
Yes. You can do a New College ISP if you are going on the National Student Exchange Home Payment Plan (or another exchange where you pay your fall tuition to New College). If you are not paying tuition to New College, you will need to petition the Provost for approval to register for an ISP.

Is financial aid available for summer off-campus study?
Typically, no. For more information, please contact NCF Financial Aid staff.

Can I use Florida Prepaid for my off-campus study?
You may be able to use Florida Prepaid funds for your Off Campus Study, but YOU are responsible for contacting them and filling out the appropriate forms. New College does not collect or disburse these funds. More information is available on Florida Prepaid’s website: or by calling 800-552-4723, prompt 2. Any questions regarding the Florida Prepaid Plan at New College should be directed to the Finance Office at 941-487-4625.

The chart below lists off-campus programs, and which types of aid can typically “travel” with you.
Off-campus program type Types of aid that can be applied
Paying New College

• New College self-directed contract or off-campus

• Off-campus study with tuition paid to New College:
  • National Student Exchange (NSE)
  • Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning (CIEL)
  • EcoLeague
Federal Financial Aid:
  • Pell Grant
  • SEOG Grant
  • Direct Student Loans
  • Parent PLUS Loans
Bright Futures and other State of Florida aid:
  • Florida Academic Scholarship
  • Florida First Generation Grant
  • Florida Medallion Scholarship
  • Florida Gold Seal Scholarship
  • Florida Jose Marti Scholarship
  • Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG)
New College Scholarship

Outside Scholarships (e.g. Kiwanis)

Private/Alternative Loans
Paying another institution in Florida

• Study abroad thru FSU
All Federal Financial Aid, Bright Futures and other State of Florida aid,
Outside Scholarships, and Private/Alternative Loans, but no New College scholarship*
Paying another institution (but not one in Florida) or an outside agency

• Study abroad or in the U.S, with tuition paid to a non-Florida institution

• Study abroad or in the U.S. with tuition paid to an outside agency (e.g., SIT or CET)
Funding options are more limited (no Bright Futures, other State of Florida aid, and no New College scholarship*)

Federal Financial Aid:
  • Pell Grant
  • SEOG Grant
  • Direct Student Loans
  • Parent PLUS Loans

Outside Scholarships (e.g. Kiwanis)

Private/Alternative Loans
Remember: Your academic eligibility for aid will be checked shortly after each semester. Plan to have all required official records (and any required
translation or credential evaluation) sent directly to the New College Office of the Registrar from any off-campus institution or program you attend, as
soon as possible after the end of each semester.

*Please note: Students who have declared or provisionally declared the following areas of concentration are eligible to use their NCF Scholarship while studying off-campus:

• International and Area Studies
• Caribbean and Latin American Studies
• East Asian Studies
• European Studies

International students may have additional aid limitations and visa restrictions.