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Information for incoming exchange students

Due April 10, 2020: Special Registration Application, Student Dependent Status/Consent to Disclosure of Education Records, and official transcript

Please submit the Special Registration Application available here and the Student Dependent Status/Consent to Disclosure of Education Records available here.

Please send an official transcript from your home institution to the New College Registrar.  

You can either mail the Student Dependent Status/Consent to Disclosure of Education Records to the address provided below, or scan and email it to

Your official transcript should be sent directly from your home institution to our Registrar's Office (NOT our Admissions Office) using the mailing address below:

Office of the Registrar 
New College of Florida
5800 Bay Shore Rd (PMD-115) 
Sarasota, FL 34243-2109

Please request your transcript ASAP as it can take a couple of weeks to get here and submit the Special Registration Application and the Student Dependent Status/Consent to Disclosure of Education Records no later than Friday, April 10.

Once your Special Registration Application has been processed, you should receive an email with your NCF email address, login credentials and instructions on updating your password.  

Feel free to contact the Office of the Registrar at or (94) 487-4230 to check on the status of your Special Registration Application.


On Campus Housing Application Available on May 15

Once you receive your login credentials, you will be able to request on-campus housing here.  At the top of the page, click on "myNCF."  This will open your App GATEWAY page.  You will then open the "Housing Registration" app and complete your On Campus Housing Application.  You will need your NCF I.D. number and NCF email address to do so.  

Once you have submitted your application, you should contact Dr. Mark Stier, Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs, at, to confirm receipt.  Dr. Stier will work with you in assigning a room for the semester/year.  Any question regarding housing or the housing application process should be directed to him.


Disability services

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact Student Disability Services at for information and support in facilitating an accessible education experience and exchange at New College. Services include academic accommodations, housing accommodations, ESA accommodations and meal plan accommodations. SDS also can help with assistive technology and classroom accessibility issues, as well as referral to disability-related support groups on campus. More information on SDS is available here.


Due May 15, 2020: Immunizations -- If needed, this deadline can be extended.  Please contact Florence Zamsky at for more information.

Please refer to the information posted on our Student Health Services web page regarding mandatory and recommended immunizations:

You will find a link to the New College of Florida Immunization Form on that page.  Please print and mail it back, along with any other documentation, by May 15, to the address below:

Student Health Services
Counseling & Wellness Center
5800 Bay Shore Road
Sarasota, FL 34243  

Their phone number is (941) 487-4256 in case you have any questions.


Fall 2020 classes

The Fall 2020 class schedule is available here.

Important things to keep in mind when selecting classes:
  • New College does not have a pre-registration system.  Course registration happens during the first 10 days of the semester.  The academic contract, due within 10 days after the semester begins, serves as the official registration document.
  • New College students are considered to be full-time enrolled when taking at least 3 full-term classes.  Students here take 3 to 5 full-term classes (or equivalent) per semester.  However, you will need to discuss with your advisor what course load your home institution will require you to take to be considered full-time while on exchange at New College.  Three New College classes may not be considered to be full-time by your home institution.
  • New College uses Credit Hour Equivalents (CHE) instead of semester credits.  Each semester-long class is worth 4 CHE.  Each Mod class (half-semester) is worth 2 CHE.