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Virtual Internships

Earn valuable transferable skills such as project management with an international team across continents and timezones, adaptability, global networking, and proficiency in online collaboration technology platforms.

Information about USAC's Global Perspectives Program virtual internships in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, France, Ghana, India, Italy, Spain, Thailand, and Uruguay is available here.  Application deadline: August 10, 2020

Information about SIT's virtual internships based in Bolivia, Cameroon, Chile, Ecuador, India, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Panama, Serbia & Kosovo, South Africa and Vietnam is available hereApplication deadline: August 24, 2020

Students who choose to pursue a virtual internship as an international experience add-on must report their internship to the Center for Career Engagement & Opportunity (CEO) once they have secured an internship site and supervisor by submitting an Experience through Handshake (access through myNCF App Gateway). Students should partner with their internship supervisor and faculty sponsor to develop internship learning outcomes. Students can find step-by-step instructions on how to report their internship in Handshake here. Once the internship has been reported, an email will be sent from Handshake to the internship supervisor and then the faculty sponsor respectively for approval. Students will be expected to complete a midpoint and final self-evaluation for the internship, and the internship supervisor will be expected to complete a midpoint and final evaluation of the student intern. These evaluations will be provided to the faculty sponsor to assist with narrative evaluations.