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EcoLeague Exchange

The EcoLeague is a consortium of six liberal arts colleges located across the United States in diverse bioregions, each offering a distinctive educational experience.  Each of the EcoLeague colleges has a deep commitment to the environment and sustainability which is demonstrated through academic programs, campus initiatives, and off-campus partnership.  
  Students enrolled at one of the six EcoLeague member colleges have the opportunity to participate in semester-long exchanges at any other institution in the consortium.  Tuition is paid to the student's home institution, housing to the host.  Credits earned transfer back to the home college.

What students gain:
-A deeper understanding of a field of study across regions and institutions.
-Engagement with a variety of unique communities focusing on the environment.
-Personal growth
-Networks for future career opportunities

Eligibility requirements: Students must have two consecutive satisfactory contracts to participate in off-campus study.